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The list below contains a small selection of field recordings.

Some of the following recordings have been taken using binaural microphone techniques. It is recommended to listen to these particular recordings using headphones in order to achieve a ‘truer’, more realistic, listening experience. Any recordings with a (bi) denoted after the description have been recorded binaurally.

(All the recordings listed below are also available to view, in their specific locations, on the soundmap.)

Centre Pompidou, Paris. Descending 6 floors of the outdoor, enclosed escalators (bi).
Record date: 25.07.11

Marché Richard Lenoir #5, Paris. Market ambience (bi).
Record date: 20.07.11

Tour de France, Luz Ardiden, Pyrenees. Le Tour ‘cavalcade’ caravan of sponsors vehicles passing by. Bastille Day (bi).
Record date: 14.07.11

‘Bikeboost’, Gimonäs CK event. Time-trial bicycles passing (carbon fibre rear disc wheels). Condensed version.
Record date: 28.05.11

Verkligheten gallery, Umeå. Sound installation in main room (bi).
Record date: 26.05.11

Gammliavägen - Rothoffsvägen, Umeå. Road junction crossing signals. Gammliahallen PA in background.
Record date: 16.05.11

Sörfors-kraftstation, near Umeå. Electricity power station pylons in the rain.
Location: Lat: 63.85191, Long: 20.04969
Record date: 06.05.11

Baggböle kraftverk#3. Drips from roof above inside an abandoned turbine sump.
Location: Lat: 63.83963, Long: 20.11504
Record date: 06.05.11

Bildmuseet, Gammlia, Umeå. Extractor fan on building exterior ‘played’ by the wind.
Location: Lat: 63.82885, Long: 20.28898
Record date: 04.05.11

Strömbäck-Kont Nature Reserve. Inside a large ants nest (piezo contact mic).
Location: Lat: 63.68251, Long: 20.22721
Record date: 28.04.11

Blodcentrum Department, Umeå. Incubator rotation mechanics.
Location: Lat: 63.81830, Long: 20.30039
Record date: 24.04.11

Holmsund, Umeå. Wind turbine #1 & #2.
Location: Lat: 63.676646, Long: 20.339132
Record date: 20.3.11

‘The Sounding Arch’, Taplow. Rowers on the River Thames passing under the railway bridge (bi).
Location: Lat: 51.521213, Long: -0.701213
Record date: 5.3.11

Violin maker’s workshop, Umeå. Planing, measuring, marking.
Location: Lat: 63.82780, Long: 20.25650
Record date: 26.2.11

Gammlia. Skiiers passing by. Carbon fibre poles and sliding ski’s.
Location: Lat: 63.831058, Long: 20.294623
Record date: 23.1.11

Race track PA system recorded from Backen Kyrka. Voice echoing across the river valley.
Location: Lat: 63.830389, Long: 20.170593
Record date: 9.1.11
Page last updated: 12/11/2015
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